The African Academic Network on Internet Policy (AANOIP) is a network for interdisciplinary scholarly engagement and discussion on the State of the Internet, related policies and regulatory regime in Africa.

Vision: A Pan-African academic think tank/network on Internet policy leveraging the rigour of localised research and its application in order to advance the African digital economy


  • Grow African academic contributions to inform digital economy policy in the region
  • Foster novel and  transformative intellectual research and discourse that is objective, independent and politically neutral.
  • Specifically to initiate, support and publish multidisciplinary evidence-based research on the digital economy across multiple platforms
  • Pave the way for a favorable environment for online players and sustain a free and open internet.
  • Inform and influence public sector leaders across Africa with respect to existing and emerging digital policy issues
  • Specifically to provide evidence-based actionable insights to policymakers and KoFs

Data Protection

The digital age has brought to the fore the impact of information and communication technologies (ICTs) on the promotion and protection of human rights, especially the three information related rights of freedom of expression, access to information and privacy. AANOIP carries out research in this thematic focus area.

IP, Copyright and Intermediaries

Intellectual Property: Copyright, Intermediaries and Fair Use in the Digital Age is a critical area of discourse within the network clusters of AANOIP. Internet intermediaries occupy a central role in the dissemination of ideas.

Cyber Security

As more economic and social activities move online, the importance of Cyber-security cannot be overemphasized. The rising invasion of privacy and security threats to IoT devices and digital assets has d assets. gives cause for concern in academic investigation.

Internet Shutdown

Despite the Internet being an unparalleled force in human advancement and freedom, the Internet can also be a tool for oppression, chaos, propaganda, and suffering. At the network, we measure the measurement of Economic Impact of Internet Shutdowns across all spectrum in Africa.

Strengthening Internet Policy Through Theoretically Grounded Research